May 6, 2013

The Wish List: April 2013

So we all have them, those lists of beauty products that we are lusting over. Well here are my top 5 of the moment, I usually have tons and tons of products I'm going crazy for in the spring but for some reason this year I'm just not going as crazy as usually. These are official promo images as I don't actually have the items.

1.) Clarisonic Mia

Any girl who calls herself a makeup lover has heard about the clarisonic. I.MUST.HAVE.IT. End of story. It shall be mine.

2.) Pierre Hardy for NARS blush in Boys Don't Cry
From the moment I saw this blush I knew I had to get my hands on it. I'm not usually one to go completely crazy over high end blushes but I mean come on, do you see this?! Its beautiful!

3.) theBalm Meet Matte Nude palette

So I know I'm behind but I just discovered theBalm and this is my newest conquest, its a collection of 9 matte shadows in a somewhat neutral palette and I must have it!

4.) Butter London Macbeth

I know this is somewhat of a standard color and there isn't really anything too terribly special about it, but I want it anyway. It's so pretty, I love it.

5.) Sigma Paris Palette

So I love makeup and I love love love Paris, so I think I kinda need this. Its 11 shadows designed to emulate a Parisian landmark. Obviously its a cultural experience too, so I have total grounds for wanting this. Right?

So what are on your guy's wishlists? Anything you absolutely must have?

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