Apr 19, 2013

NYX Blush in Pinched Review and Swatches

So there is talk about this being a dupe for Nars Orgasm?!?! Well unfortunately I can't testify to that because I don't have Nars Orgasm (I know I know, major beauty faux pas I guess). But I can tell you what I think about NYX Pinched :)

Pinched is a gorgeous shimmery peachy pink with gold shimmer. It goes on smoothly and in my opinion its rather sheer. The color payoff is not the best (it takes a couple layers to get a really good payoff) but I like the color so much that I don't mind, its easy to blend and you can build up the color pretty easily. I think its a great natural color that works on a variety of skin tones. And for the price you can't beat it.

I absolutely love the quilting on NYX blushes I think it's adorable.

I had some issues with the swatches of this product. It took a couple layers to get a good example of the color.

I did a heavier swatch on the left so you could really see the color and then the barely there swatch on the right is just one layer.
As for this being a dupe for Nars Orgasm I have added a picture from Tina Marie shes a great blogger of all things fashion and hip and I suggest you guys check her out :) In my opinion the similarity is amazing, Pinched is a bit more pink and doesn't have quite as much gold shimmer but other than that its very close. So if you have been drooling over Orgasm and just haven't put up the money Pinched may be a great alternative for you.

But this is a swatch of Pinched and Orgasm right next to each other and I have to say the closeness is unbelievable.

Overall I think that this is a great blush for pretty much any skin tone, it might not work too well on darker skin tones but light to medium skin tones would be perfect for this blush. You can find it at Ulta and any place that NYX products are sold.

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