Apr 19, 2013

Nail of the Day: Sally Hansen Xtreme Hardware in Mint Sorbet

So today I'm showing one of my favorite colors for spring, Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet. I'm kinda obsessed with Sally Hansen because I think the quality is great especially for the price.

So this color was really hard to photograph, its not quite as white toned as the top picture but not quite as dark as the photo below and it shows it a little more aqua than it truly is. This is 2 coats

This is part of the Sally Hansen Xtreme Hardware collection, its a creme minty greenish/blue, I haven't really decided if its more mint or more aqua, it's a really nice in between. Anyway this is one of my favorite colors for spring and summer. Its very easy to work with and dries quickly and settles very nicely.

Compared to Essies Mint Candy Apple I would say that Mint Candy Apple is more aqua whereas Mint Sorbet is more of a true frosty mint.

So do you guys have an favorite spring and summer colors?

Stay Fabulous

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