Apr 15, 2013

Nail of the Day: Sally Hansen XTreme Wear in Pacific Blue

Hey guys so today I am sharing one of my all time favorite nail polish colors. This has been on my nails constantly since I got it.

This was taken in natural light. It took 3 coats to achieve this look.

I've had this nail polish for awhile and I absolutely love it. Its a gorgeous opaque creme deep blue. The formula is a bit thick, and can be a tad bit streaky at first but it settles nicely and is surprisingly easy to work with. I was a bit skeptical of the Xtreme Wear line of nailpolish (I'm just generally skeptical of most nailpolish that isn't Revlon, OPI or Essie) but after finally taking the plunge and trying out out some of the colors I LOVE them, I think I have most of the colors now and I love them all. They last, they don't chip, they have tons of colors and they're so easy to work with.

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