Apr 25, 2013

NYX Love in Florence: Ciao Bella Palette Review and Swatches

So I was perusing around Ulta because they're having a huge buy one get one 50% off sale and I just happened upon this gorgeous palette. I don't know if its the color combination but this is literally one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. NYX has released a collection called Love in Florence, there are 10 different palettes, you can check them out here. For this post though were gonna focus on my favorite of the 10, Ciao Bella.

The bottom left color is a smooth black with silver shimmer, its buttery smooth but doesn't apply as opaque as it looks in the pan

The middle left color is a shimmery peachy gold

The top left color is a salmon color with gold shimmer that applies very peach

The long middle one is a shimmery grey, this is one of my favorites in the palette it's gorgeous once applied, and its really unique, at least I think so, I can't find anything in my collection even remotely like it.

Last but not least the long far right one is fawn/taupe with micro glitter, it had surprisingly no glitter fallout, and looks gorgeous once applied.

The black is not very opaque so I did wet it to get this swatch, this was taken in direct sunlight

The black applied smoothly, it's not as opaque as in the pan but it's easy to use wet and layers well
The champagne color was smooth and buttery and full of shimmer, applies easily and is just gorgeous, this picture does not do it justice AT ALL
The salmon is smooth, not as buttery as the champagne but easy to work with
The grey is just stunning I have no idea what I will use it for but I will find a way, its smooth, shimmery and really unique
And the taupe glitter, its gorgeous, there is some fallout but not nearly as much as with most glitters

The colors were rather sheer it took a couple layers to get a good swatch but they build nicely and I imagine that if you used them wet the color would be more dramatic

Overall I love this palette, it's simple yet unique, I can tell I'm going to get a lot of use from it, the more NYX products I try the more I love the brand, if you're looking for quality on a budget I definitely recommend checking them out!

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