Apr 16, 2013

Spring Top 5: Clothing & Accessories

Hey guys! So it seems spring has finally sprung (thank goodness) and with spring comes florals and pastels! yippee! Anyway so every season I try and come up with my top 5 list just as a way to kinda help limit my spending, after all I am just a broke college girl. So without further ado here are my top 5 things for this season!

#1. Tiffany Blue Hunter Rainboots
Please tell me I am not the only one drooling over these! the color! the sleekiness (is that a word?) These are just all around adorable and perfect for spring, on those days when everything is grey and dreary and wet you can step out in these candy colored babies and just let those grey feelings melt away.

Unfortunately this color isn't produced anymore (I know, sad day) so I've been trying to track these down on ebay. However they have other fabulous colors (lilac, yellow, cobalt) and you can find them Here . 

See the rest of the list below

#2. The Perfect Hi-Low Skirt

They're everywhere. They're adorable. And I'm so short that they all look ridiculous on me. So this is my mission, before summer hits I will find one of these babies because they're just amazing! I love hi-lows, perfect to wear with some nice strappy leather heels, you can go casual, or dress it up, either way in my opinion its a spring necessity and mark my words I will find one.

#3. The White Skinny

I don't know what I'm thinking, never have I ever been able to keep anything white, white. But I love em, cute cute cute. Perfect for class with a cute tee or for a night out with a gorgeous top, either way they're the perfect addition to my closet.

#4. Springy Scarves
I LOVE LOVE LOVE scarves. They are by far my most used accessory, I'm somewhat low-maintenance and I love that I can just throw on some skinny jeans a v-neck and a scarf and run to class without looking like I just rolled out of bed. Unfortunately my scarves are all very fall-ish. So this spring I am in search of bright and pastel colored scarves so I can wear them all spring and summer.

#5. Summer Sandals
I'm a huge fan of Tstrap sandals, they're just the slightly classier cousin of flip flops in my opinion and theyre just so versatile and cute! I fell in love with this pair from  Lucky 21, and get this, they're only $14.99. Cute and affordable what more could a girl ask for?! Anyway check em out here.

So that wraps up my Top 5, you guys have any must have items for this spring??

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  1. I've been trying to order these Hunters for EVER. But they were never stocked in my size, once they were available in the US. ): I'm so bummed they're not being produced any more!!