May 6, 2013

NYX Stick Blush in Orchid Review and Swatch

I'm just starting to get into NYX products and so far I've been very satisfied, the price is right and the quality is stellar. As you may know I'm obsessed with cream blushes and so I thought I would give the NYX stick blush a try. I grabbed the color Orchid, because I really gravitate towards salmonly pink blushes with gold shimmer and this one was right up my alley.

These come in short little tubes and they twist up like a lipstick, extremely storage friendly, which I love since I live in the tiniest dorm room ever and storage space is nonexistent

The gold shimmer in this isn't really showing up but it gives a subtle glow  that is just amazing. 
This was a little difficult to work with, the formula is kinda thick and unforgiving when it comes to blending, so get it right the first time or suffer with some stains on your face. I did find that it was easier to apply this to my fingers to warm it up and then blend it into my face, I haven't tried it with a brush, but you would definitely need to use a synthetic bristle brush if you wanted to give that a try.

The color payoff is great, but the wear is somewhat unsatisfying, the color fades after about 4ish hours and it can start to look a little blotchy if you go longer than that without touching up.

Basically if you're looking for fun color for a quick trip to the store or a fun date then this stuff is fantastic, but if you're looking for all day wear I can't really recommend this.

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