May 14, 2013

NEW Limited Edition Maybelline Color Tattoo in Precious Pearl

We've all heard the raves about the new summer 2013 Maybelline Color Tattoo Collection, consisting of 8 new colors inspired by the shore, however I've only ever seen 6 of these 8 elusive colors. One night my friend and I just happened to be at Walmart and I cannot go to Walmart without going to the beauty section, I just can't, it's like a magnet. Anyway I checked the Summer display hoping to find another Seashore Frosts, and of course no Seashore Frosts, but what is this I see out of the corner of my eye?! A new color? Why yes! a new shimmery cream called Precious Pearl. Later I came to find out that there are in fact 8 new summer shades, however I have not seen Blue Paradise yet.

Consider yourself lucky if you can find these two oh so elusive colors that are additions to the 2013 summer line. I was bouncing off the walls once I found Precious Pearl.

Precious Pearl is a very sheer shimmery color that I would call a cream with pink undertones. Its a very neutral, cream bisque color. Whatever it is I think its gorgeous.

Precious Pearl
Once swatched I was a little worried that Precious Pearl might be almost an exact replica of Too Cool, but no worries, Precious Pearl is more cream with pinky undertones.

You can't really see it in the picture but Precious Pearl isn't as sheer as Too Cool and its also more of a cream rather than a true white

This picture shows the color differences a little better. 

Since Too Cool brought out the cream base in Precious Pearl I decided to try it next to Barely Branded, and as you can see it is more of a pearl than a cream when compared to Barely Branded.

Consistency and texture is in line with the rest of  color tattoo collection and longevity is stellar as well, lasting  7+ hours on me and my oily eyelids.

This is part of the Summer 2013 line, so it is Limited Edition, so if you're interested then I would suggest getting your hands on this ASAP.

All in all, if you're on a mission to collect the entire line like I am, then by all means track this baby down, its gorgeous and I will be getting a ton of use out of it. However if you're looking for another neutral base or just everyday shadow and already have Too Cool, then I think you can skip this one.

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