May 8, 2013

Nail of the Day: China Glaze Pool Party

Hey guys! So I picked this stuff up today and DANG it is bright! I can definitely say that between this color and the ever raved about Flip Flop Fantasy I will pretty much always have pink nails this summer. Anyway so Pool Party is what I would call an electric hot pink in the bottle, unfortunately the color is nothing like what it looks like in the bottle once its on your nails, I know, sad :( It's literally highlighter pink in the bottle, it dries to a little bit more of a siren red.

I'm really disappointed with this picture, it looks way more red than it truly  is
Besides the fact that the color is nothing like it looks like, this is a lot like Flip Flop Fantasy in texture and formula. Without a topcoat its kind of an almost chalky finish, and it can be really streaky if you don't have enough polish on the brush. I've worked with better but the color is amazingly bright and its definitely workable. I would highly recommend checking out the China Glaze Poolside collection, its full of fun brights for summer.

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